14 April 2014

Lil A’s First Un-Foods

I meant to blog about this several months ago. But the tiny bit of paper on which I had made this list disappeared and then reappeared!!! Glory!

So I didn’t give girlie real food until she was nearly eleven months old.

But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t eating before then…

Here I shall list the first eight items she ate, evidenced by the fact that each of these things was discovered in her diaper (TMI?!):

1. A leaf

2. A pumpkin stem (yes, she gnawed it off a pumped and swallowed a big ol’ chunk of it

3. A silicon hair band

4. A foam sticker

5. A length of plastic Easter grass

6. A length of normal green grass

7. A hole punched from a plastic sheet protector

and finally…

8. A  googly eye (and not a tiny on either)

Oh my. Well, even if I wasn’t giving her food, I was comforted that her digestive tract was in fact working just fine!!

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