23 April 2014


We had a milestone yesterday, folks!

Lil’ A took steps!!!

When the big kids were getting ready for bed with their Daddy, I took A on the balcony to play with the kitchen set. It was a lovely day outside and I just wanted to hang out with her. And then out of nowhere she took a step all by herself! She’s been ready for awhile and so I knew it was coming any day!

I yelled at Mikey, who thought something had gone terribly wrong (sorry honey!) and once relieved that nothing had gone wrong he came back with the appropriate recording devices, along with two small and thrilled cheerleaders who were so proud of their baby sister!


You’d think the third time around it’d be less exciting.


Not so!


Just look at her face. Her Mama was so excited, she knew she must have done something great!


Her motivation was the little red apple sitting on the table (and maybe her jammy-clad bouncing big sister?!).

Seriously, look at my face here. It was so fun! It’s just so wonderful watching babies grow and learn. Especially when you love them so much your heart could just burst.


Here she goes. Look at that little tongue of determination.


Made it!


Happy grin!

She later repeated her feat by taking a step in the bathtub (not recommended for beginning walkers?!) And today she took three steps in a row.

She’s just so stinkin’ precious.

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