11 May 2014

Little Scientist

I have a rather creative boy. One who is also pretty good at creating things out of stuff! Currently in our home we have a steam roller project happening because H found a cool roller wheel somewhere. And we also have a cardboard yogurt/applesauce dispenser machine in the works.

It’s serious work!

A few weeks ago H was in scientist mode. Putting on his white shirt, getting his notebook and supplies and building his own science tools.  I asked him to tell me about the photos I took…


“This is when I was kind of doing science or something.”

Ha ha! Indeed!


“This is where I was pretending to look at something through my microscope.”

Pretty good microscope, ifIdosaysomyself.


“I was pretending to look in space.”



“This is when I was drawing what I think about space.”

I see a galaxy, the moon and stars! I guess he really was looking into space!



“That’s still a telescope. I was using it to look into space too.”

Love my bright boy.

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