07 June 2014

Barbershop Joy

A friend from church offered to buy our family tickets to go see a Barbershop Chorus (that he sings with) and a Barbershop Quartet perform today. Mike is in a conference all weekend, so he couldn’t go. You couldn’t have paid me $50 to take Lil’ A to a concert at this age and Sweet N really wanted to go but I didn’t take her.

I decided to make a Mommy Date out of it.

photo 5

Boy, did I do the right thing. My boy and I had so very much fun!

This was the gig in town…


First up was the America The Beautiful Chorus.

photo 1

The first half was the Chorus singing patriotic songs. I literally could hardly wipe the grin off my face. I grew up listening to Barbershop and going to Singing Buckeye Barbershop concerts and it feels like my childhood. It feels like home! The sound, the songs, the movements and the joy the men have in singing.

It just makes me grin. What can I say? And it makes me cry too… some of the less light-hearted songs are so heartfelt, poignant and moving.

Whew! It was a great first half.

And after a short intermission Storm Front was up.

photo 2

My crappy phone pictures don’t do these groups justice. This group won the International Championship in 2010. They are a big deal and we got to see why. Beyond the eye-catching lime green suits!

H and I were fifth row, dead center. We had a great view and their comedy slap-stick style was right up a six-year-old boy’s alley. H giggled and belly laughed the whole time! Sometimes the whole place was quiet and he was still laughing. SO, I of course, couldn’t stop giggling either! The shtick was very clever and funny, but sitting next to a giggling boy who thinks it all is just hysterical is just too much! I had tears from laughing so much most of the way through the second half.

Afterwards I offered to take him to shake the quartet’s hands and say hello. He eagerly agreed. We thanked each one and told them how much we enjoyed the show.

photo 4

My heart nearly burst today sharing one of my childhood memories with my boy.

He’s a most wonderful companion. I’m a blessed woman.

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