01 July 2014

Compliment from a Stranger

After a super fun morning geocaching (first time!) with a friend, I hauled my kiddos to Costco for groceries and an easy lunch.

In the café area my kiddos were sitting at a table eating their hot dogs while I stood next to them sharing a piece of pizza with Lil’ A who was still strapped in the cart. We were just chatting, wiping up spilled drinks, cutting up hot dogs, etc. Just normal stuff.

A lady who was at the end of the table spoke to me as she stood up to throw her trash away…

“It’s nice to see a mother who enjoys her children. And children that enjoy their mother.”

Wow. Thank you lady! I do enjoy them, so much most of the time (can’t say all the time if I wanna be honest, but I’m certain that’s normal).

I was so blessed by that compliment. Maybe I’m doing something right?

Thank you stranger.


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