25 July 2014

Pool Babe

We spent a lot of time at the pool this month… it was great! I did find it challenging for this one lady to get three kids ready, pack the bags, get to the pool and keep my eye on all of them. Whew! But we did it many times and I’m so glad. What a huge blessing this pool is!

Three of us are fishies for sure. We love the water! The big kids are getting very near to swimming and just have a blast.

I think we’ll have one more fishie once she’s big enough to really do much in the water. She definitely loves to play and dunk under! She’s just not very independent yet, next year probably.

Anyhoo, in my attempt to insure her safety when she toddled around the side of the pool, I put this ridiculous life jacket on her. And a hat of course. And she loved to borrow big brother and sister’s goggles.

So then you have this…


Quite the pool babe, eh?!

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