09 July 2014

Quote of the Day

My kids favorite toy is very easily the recycling bin. There are egg cartons, yogurt containers, cardboard boxes and all other kinds of recyclables all over the house. They get creative with them and build stuff and pack them with stuff and decorate things and give them to friends, etc.

Whatever works.

Whatever works until we go on a picking up rampage and all of their ‘creations’ end up in the recycling bag that’s headed out the door because Mikey and I suddenly got sick and tired of stepping around recyclables everywhere in the house.

And then they just start over as soon as I start putting new things in the bin again.

Around and around we go.

The other day Sweet N grabbed out a small plastic pint container that previously held raspberries. I apparently didn’t do a very good job cleaning it before tossing it in the bin because she brought it to me and asked…

“Can you hewp me get a wed (red) bwueberry (blueberry) off a container?”

I grinned. A red blueberry, of course.

I washed it up (again) and it’s been holding some necklaces in the corner of her bed ever since.


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