14 July 2014

Quote of the Day

Back before my boy H’s school year ended, I was volunteering in his class for the week. During the morning devotional time, the kiddos were given a minute or two to listen to God and hear what He might have to say to them that day.

My boy can be quiet and does not often pipe up to pray or to share what he heard during times like this, if he heard anything at all (we don’t always!). But this day he easily shared what he felt God speak to his heart that day…

“God said I will grow with Him.”

Oh my. Can a 6 year old make that up? I was so encouraged. Encouraged that maybe my boy is learning to identify the voice of God despite his reluctance to pray a lot of the time. Encouraged that I should stop and listen more often for myself and my family.  And encouraged that H is growing with God. Of course he is! I realize that when I think about it. God daily is guiding him, shaping him, growing him. Side by side. Whether we see it (we don’t really) or realize it’s happening… it is happening! It’s a beautiful thing and I’m a thankful Mama.

Thank you God.

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