05 September 2014


This morning I dropped my big kids off at their grandparents (my in-laws) for a day and night. It’s kind of a warm-up to next week. All week.


They were pretty excited.

Later my dear mother-in-law texted me and told me that H and N were being perfect little angels.

I don’t believe her.

But I’m pretending to because I’m reeeeaaaallly enjoying my day with only one child (even if it is by far the one who takes the most work). I mean, I just put her to bed in about 5 minutes flat (at her 7pm bedtime, don’t be jealous now) and she won’t come out asking for a tissue/more prayers/more water/cream for a boo boo/who-know-what-else. She’ll, like, lay down and go to sleep. Now that’s angelic…

So that means now I can do whatever I want.


Did you catch that?

Can someone tell me what that means?

My husband is in Africa, if you were wondering. It’s day 7.  That’s why he’s not in the picture here.  Not that he tells me what to do. But you know what I mean…

Anyway, currently what I want to do is to take a look through the 267 photos I just took of previously  mentioned lots-of-work toddler to see if I got any good portraits out of her in today’s evening light on my recently purchased flea market quilt. And 267 is actually not an exaggeration. It’s precisely the number of pictures. (Your estimate was low Dad, yikes!) Your only hope is that 98% of them are bad so you don’t have to scroll through all of them when I do a post.

Buuuuuttt little lady does NOT hold still which isn’t necessarily ideal for photos. So 2% good photos might be a good estimate. That would give me 5.34 good photos. I might be happy with that, considering the circumstances (and by circumstances I mean personality). Also, I wish I can say that I didn’t use a calculator for that little percentage. But I can’t exactly say that.

Anyway… more on those portraits soon!


P.S. THANK YOU MOM for watching my big kiddos. What a gift!! Love ya.

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