05 September 2014


The other day driving along in the van H announced that he had invented a new game!! Then he explained…

“I rip up a tiny piece of paper, put it in the end of a straw and then blow! It shoots out the other side!”

I laughed.  I asked where he’d seen that. Another kid? A book? A cartoon? Nope. He insisted he invented it. I believe him!

“What do you call your new game?” I asked.

He thought for a moment… “Paper gun” he said.

Paper gun it is!


Now on the rare occasion my older children are riding happily together in the backseat it’s probably because Sweet N is ripping up tiny pieces of paper and handing them to her big brother. He then blows them out the end of the straw all over the van. Honestly I don’t care that it looks like we just celebrated the new year all over my car with confetti everywhere. It’s fun! And he’s cute.

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