09 September 2014

Mama and Tot to Africa or Bust!


I don’t know whether I’m hopeful or just plain crazy.

Lil’ A and I are soon to board three planes to take us to Africa, where we’ll meet up with Mikey for a regional conference.  I don’t have long, so here are my scattered thoughts, list style.

1. My tot would have been in this quick selfie I just took but she’s getting the grandbaby bath treatment from my Mom right now. Who knows what the next 24 hours will be like, but at least she’ll smell good!

2. I need to remember to make myself a pbj sandwich for dinner. I have 25 minutes. Don’t let me forget.

3. You’d think a week long trip for two people would not require over 100 pounds of luggage. But it does.

4. A pack n play is definitely worth it’s weight in the luggage. Anything that will constrain my child on this trip is a gift.

5. I said goodbye to my big kiddos earlier today. It wasn’t easy. They hardly cared. But I cried. Is that what sending them off to college is like?!

6. Part of what is going to help me through this journey is A. I know lots of people are praying for us and God Himself is with me, and B. That I get to see my hubs on the other side. Except the problem with B is that the remote city he is in has recently had the flight he plans to take tomorrow get cancelled a couple times. So I actually don’t know whether or not he’ll be there to meet us. Oh my.

7. Have I mentioned how busy my babe is? Some of you have heard it a thousand times. But let me state it again just in case. She’s crazy!

8. I have been conducting ‘sitting practice’ during which time I hold her on my lap for a few minutes at a time and tell her “We’re gonna sit now” in a very calm voice. We’ll even play pat-a-cake and count piggies and such. And much screaming and back-arching ensues. My girlie does NOT like to sit.

9. This should be interesting.

10. Gotta go! Loading, sandwich making, etc.

P.S. A special shout out to my parents who have loved for us and cared for us so well these past few weeks. What a gift you are to us!! And to my in-laws! I love you and I am so thankful that I can leave my big kiddos behind knowing that they are in loving and caring hands! You’re amazing, all four of you!!

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