20 September 2014

No Place Like Home

We made it. Lil’ A and I made it to Africa in one piece, barely. You’ll likely hear more about my crazy tot on the airplane at some point. But when our three flights were over Mikey met us at the gate (tears!) and then we had wonderful meetings and visits over the next week. The three of us made our way back to Ohio, were re-united with our big kids, had a twelve hour turn-around and then drove 21 hours back to Colorado.


I feel tried just thinking about it.

Wait. I am tired. I literally can barely keep my eyes open. But it’s too early to go to bed. Gotta be smarter than the jet lag!

So now Mike is gone for the weekend. Which leaves me alone and jet lagging with three kiddos. It’s not real pretty. But it’s what it is.

“Home is the best place in the world!” is what my boy told me a little while after we arrived home on Thursday.

I have to agree… I am so thankful for our home and the community around us. There is nothing like it!

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