08 October 2014

A Victory

We currently live in a full and busy apartment complex. There are young and old people here. Families, singles, teachers, students. All types of people. We love it!

Many many people work hard to keep this place running. I try try try to say thank you so often to people who keep this property running and looking nice. Lots of hours are spent keeping this place maintained (we’ve put in our own hours too, don’t get me wrong!). But I’m so deeply appreciative for everyone’s hard work. Sooooo I try to say “Thank you”. And I almost always have a child with me so then we talk how hard people are working and what a blessing they are. We pray that God would bless them and we talk a lot of about different ways we can worship God.

Worship isn’t just singing or praying. Work is worship. Holy fellowship is worship. Pure playtime is worship! Many more things are worship too.

My kids have heard this a lot  because I want them to know that whatever they do, they can do it as worship to God if their hearts are right. It’s a lifestyle.

“Worship God with my life” is a phrase that often runs through my head.

Aaaaaanyway the kids and I ran an errand the other day and on the way out of the building to the car we saw a young lady vacuuming our hallway. “Thank you for vacuuming” I said. “I really appreciate it!”

Then pulling out of the parking lot a young man was spraying weeds in the grass. I slowed down and rolled down the window…. “Thanks so much for doing that!!”

And in the backseat I hear…

“Wow! Yots (lots) of people are worshipping God today, huh Mom!!” said my Sweet N.

I think she’s getting it.


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