10 October 2014

Energizer Bunny (Headed for Disaster)

When my youngest child spends time around other people who make comments to me about how busy and non-stop she is I rejoice inside.

“IT’S NOT JUST ME!!!!” I think to myself. Or maybe not to myself. I might exclaim out loud in a sigh of relief to whatever innocent person happens to be standing near me at the time.  I might be at least a little understood in this.  She really is a busy girl. She really doesn’t stop. It’s not cause I’m older this time with a toddler. It’s not cause I forgot what it was like with the other two. It’s just cause she’s a different little person and she happens to be a bit busier than other toddlers. I think she’ll accomplish a lot in her life. Cause she already accomplishes great things each day…

Take for example, one 30 minute period at my parents house this summer.

I was trying to take care of some things and was a bit distracted. I didn’t have my eyes on her 100% of the time. Rookie mistake. Mama fail.

First I discovered her in the kitchen. She had carried two (not one, but two) step stools from one end of the house to the other. She placed them next to the kitchen island and was teetering on top of a stool while feeling around on top of the island for something. I caught her at the right moment because her little fingers were just discovering the handle (thank goodness ) my mother’s very large and extremely sharp Cutco chef’s knife. I grabbed her down and tried with all my might not to think about what I might have found if I was a mere 30 seconds later…

After that, we moved to the living room. I was sitting on the couch.  The recliner was open and she crawled under. “No biggie” I thought. If she’s scared under there she’ll come out. And she never cried and came back out so I thought all was well.  Until I discovered a wet and empty packet of silica gel beads. Yup. She ate the whole packet of them. Lord have mercy. A few minutes and a little internet searching later I was happy to report that her health was not in danger. Oh. My. Word.

Then we were back to the kitchen for snack time. I put her in her booster, gave her a snack and then left to start running her a bath. I came back out about 30 seconds later to discover she had climbed out of her booster and was teetering half on the booster tray, half on the kitchen table… trying to crawl between the two. Ack!










Some of these pics are old and some new. The last one is the best. I took it two days ago. Caught ya baby!

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