23 October 2014

Lil’ A in Africa

After Mikey and I made it through immigration with Lil’ A, we left the airport and a dear friend met us to drive us to a lovely hotel for the night. We were worried about jet lag, but A did just fine and we all slept SO well all night.

We woke and had a lovely continental breakfast (one thing I love about that region of the world) and then took a taxi to meet friends at a bus to take us to the conference.

A was happy to be with her Daddy, and happy to see the new and strange sights out the window…



The reunions with old friends started on the bus and continued all week.


Such joy.


Rarely does my girlie sleep in my arms, but I got a few of these sleeping snuggles on this trip.


We had a nice room at the conference center and girlie did amazing all week with jet lag. She took naps most days and slept well most nights. We were so thankful. On such a short trip, jet lag can be so difficult.


She loved the ramp out front.



And she made new friends with EVERYONE. She’s not shy, that girlie, that’s for sure.



Oh the joy to see this friend again…


What to say about our time at the conference? It was much, much more than we had hoped it would be. We were so very encouraged and full of joy to be back in the region with colleagues that we love.

Some of us were tired though. It’s about time this little one got to experience the wonders of no car seat laws in Africa. We rode for hours like this. I prefer my children to be in car seats, but when it’s not available… no problem! Say a prayer and snuggle up for the ride.


We had one night in the city with dear friends and then the next day we boarded three flights to get back home to our big kiddos…

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