11 October 2014

Team Spirit. Almost.

It’s a gorgeous fall day here. The trees outside our home are yellow and lovely.


There is snow on Pikes Peak again.


The the Buckeyes are playing, right? I finally remembered to put the kids in their Buckeye gear. I threw on my Ohio State sweatshirt too. Go team spirit!  We are all decked out for the game. Except for two things.

1.  The main fan of the family didn’t comply with the family wardrobe standard today. Whatever.


2. Turns out the Buckeyes DON’T EVEN PLAY TODAY. Mikey was wrong. Haha! We got a good laugh out of that one. Good thing we were ‘that family’ all wearing team gear out and about on a Saturday IN COLORADO and NOT in Ohio where we would surely look like idiots because there everyone would know that the Buckeyes don’t actually play today…

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