23 November 2014

Three Flights Home with Lil’ A

After a very quick week in Africa, where Lil’ A did great with jet lag and so many new faces… it was time to head home already!


Thankfully, this time I wasn’t traveling with her alone!


She was once again a popular little lady. Above she is distracting the security lady who took a liking to her…


She did sleep some!


And in Frankfurt there was some playing,


and lots of walking here and there and here and there with her Daddy.


Moving sidewalks are such good entertainment.


We were given AMAZING upgraded seats for free on the longest flight. I couldn’t have been more thankful!


Girlie had her own seat,


But she did better sleeping on the floor for the few hours she took a break from wreaking havoc up and down the aisles. Mostly what I remember from these flights is Lil’ A going up and down the aisles using any kind of funny mode of transportation she could come up with herself… walking, running, crawling, walking on her knees, etc. She could really move quickly up and down those skinny aisles on her feet. Lots of passengers were sleeping and my biggest fear was that she was going to smack the bald head of a sleeping man that was hanging half-way out into the aisle! She never did, whew!

She did try to take people food and drinks off their trays, and try to sneak into first class and hide in the back of the galley where all the rolling carts are stored.

Aaaaanyway, it was challenging again, obviously. But I’m so glad this girlie is my little companion, around the world and back.

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