31 January 2015

A Peanut Painting

After a particularly difficult hour with this little peanut (I resorted to carrying her around the kitchen in the Ergo Carrier in an attempt to curb the whinig… that’s why she has funny red marks on her legs)… something strange came over me and I got out paint for her to decorate her Valentine box to put in the hallway.

A friend organizes a valentine exchange for the hallway kids each Valentines Day. Lil’ A is obviously too little to understand, but I figured if the other kids are opening boxes and taking out cute cards, then she would enjoy doing the same. She’ll love passing them out too. Passing things out to their rightful owners is one of her favorite activities in this stage. And I know it’s more than two weeks away, but I may be a polar opposite of a procrastinator and I already helped all three kids do their boxes. Done before February even starts… booo-yahh!

Aaaanyway I normally would run in the other direction if someone suggested painting with a one year old. But this time I set it up myself. I honestly don’t know what came over me.


She loved it and so did I, actually.



She’s so darn cute. That’s mostly it.



Huh? What’s this?


Uh oh, Mom?


Love this grin…


And her even bigger grin!


She did require a trip to the bathtub after that. And we might need to have a chat before next year about black not being a very appropriate color for Valentines Day, but that can wait.


Love my girl. She just might end up being super crafty like her Mama and her big sister, we shall see!

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