04 January 2015

Lil’ Hands in Lil’ Pockets

This girl is quite the handful. When the big kids are in school I often take her out to run errands just to get her out of the house. She’s happy no matter what, but she’s so busy at home getting into things that Mama can’t get much done, which is frustrating. So I take her out, so that I can at least accomplish some errands with my cutest little companion.

Last night I took her out on errands so Mike and the big kids could take down the Christmas tree. It would have taken us 100 times longer if Lil’ A was running around while we tried to accomplish a task like that!


I often strap her into her stroller when we are in the mall or a store. She’s content most of the time and I’m thankful. Last night she told me she was cold, so I showed her how to put her little hands in her little pockets while in an elevator.

I think she’s cute.

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