20 January 2015

Traveling Bags- Touched Up by Mama

We live very near a particular outlet store that I love! The other day I was browsing and stumbled upon a large stock of rolling backpacks with names embroidered on them! The company does embroidery, and I’m guessing since the holidays just passed, they had lots of extra misprints or something, I dunno. But whatever the reason they were there, I scored three bags.(Scored definitely being the appropriate word here… they were only $3.50 each, and regularly they are $50!)

I have a thing about my kids having matching things. Not identical in color, but the same type of the same thing. This applies to water bottles, lunch boxes and the the like. Rolling backpacks for airplanes definitely fits into this category. I mean, wouldn’t it bring anyone else great joy in their heart to see three matching backpacks all lined up at the airport ready to go?

Okay maybe it’s just me.


I’d like to send my apologies to Hayden,




…and Grace.


I’m sorry your bags didn’t work out for you. But we sure plan to enjoy them.

Sidenote: I  found a bag that had my son’s actual name embroidered on it! I freaked out for a second and snatched it up until I realized that I don’t actually want people in airports to know my boy’s name. “Kid safety 101, Suzanne, get your head in the game!” (Then I put it back).

So my next stop, naturally, was Hobby Lobby, to brainstorm up a way to cover those names. I was thinking fabric or iron on patch or something, until my eyes landed on this little gem.


Fashion tidbits… you are MINE! They cost more than a bag itself (even with a 40% off coupon), but whatever!

And then I recalled this item which I already had at home.


Gra’ndma’s Grab Bag’ of buttons is about right… My Mom bought it for us during her recent visit. It’s like she knew or something.

Anyway, after literally about ten minutes of hand stitching we had this:




No more names. And some cute accents instead. How about that adorable little super-boy button. C’mon!!!


Happy thrifty, match-loving Mama!


And happy “We got new bags for the airplane!!!!” kids.


(He was excited, I promise.)

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