21 February 2015

Quote of the Day- Sweet N Edition

Kids say the darndest things. Here is a collection entirely dedicated to my older girlie from probably the last year or so…


Driving down the road she sees these birds on the wires… ‘Yook Ma! Da birds are having a resting party!!”


Here she is wearing her ‘Tee-raw-ra”.


“Yook! Popcorn honey balls!”

This place has been “Old McDonalds” for a very long time…




“Present rolls”


Naturally, this is “white broccoli”.

“Orange sugar” (that’s fairly appropriate)


This is not a Slip ‘n Slide, but a “swipping swide”.

And last but not least, we were both in the living room one day at least a year ago, she was cutting paper (still one of her favorite things to do) and I was folding laundry.  She said “We are bof doing fings!”

I replied, “Yup, it’s good to work with our hands, the Bible says that!”

She said “Yeah… and not wif our feet!”

Haha!  Well I guess she’s right!

I love her so!

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