11 March 2015

From the Club Lounge

Today I embarked on a solo trip.

I know. Amazing!

I’m on the way to visit my sister in Charlotte for five whole days.

A special shout out goes to my frequently flying husband who racks up miles and scored me this free ticket.  Another shout out goes to United, because they like to send us lil’ perks… like passes to the United Club Lounge!! Especially appreciated today, since my flight is delayed… booooooo.

So I’m writing today from this United Club, which is a rather interesting place.

One of my first discoveries is that thirty-something wearing leggings, a cardi and carrying a floral purse seem to be a minority here? A rare occurrence? An endangered species? Okay, okay, I’m the only one. Seems I should have worn my suit and brought my briefcase and have saved all my important business-sounding conversation on the phone for these few hours. Then I might fit in more. Also I should use phrases like “please make them aware of my concerns”, “we’re splitting the trips”, “in the books” and ask the question “Do you still have that article I was quoted in?” Also, words like “testify”, “assessors” and “renewals” and “TJ12” (?!). Also, I’ll need to legitimately be interested in the Wall Street Journal/Darn. Well, maybe next time.

Meanwhile there were a couple of men sitting nearby and one of them had tennis shoes on. So that made me feel better. And then before he left he brought three cups jammed full with complimentary cheese and crackers around the corner and jammed them into his backpack. Then he departed.

While I don’t agree with his behavior, I was comforted by his casualty. Even if he was talking businessey ON SPEAKER PHONE a few moments before. Oh well.

I have helped myself to some complimentary snacks myself. Three packets of baby carrots with one tiny container of ranch dressing. Two cups of decaf coffee with flavored creamer. One small cup of cheesy chex mix and a few yogurt covered raisins. A few sips of wine. Oh, and a single-wrapped lifesaver that was sitting in a candy dish at the welcome counter. I couldn’t help myself. I haven’t ventured to the cheese and crackers yet… the jury is still out on whether or not that should count as dinner.

Ack! And on that note, I should get to the gate. No cheese and crackers for my dinner! I should pay more attention to the clock…

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