27 April 2015

A Few Randoms

Have you noticed I haven’t been blogging much? Ever?


In the meantime, here’s a few randoms for the sake of posting something, ANYTHING, on this blog o’ mine.


Sweet N was so tickled with herself the day she decided to wear her sweatshirt backwards! I’ll be honest… she tickled me too…


One has long hair and one has a crazy curly full mop of a head of hair. Needless to say they don’t enjoy having me brush their hair each morning, poor babies. But for whatever reason, this Saturday morning (cartoons!), Lil’ A decided to comb N’s hair. I dunno how long it lasted, but it was sweet!

Another time recently when I was doing A’s hair, N was holding her and comforting her through ‘the pain’. Then when I was done with her hair, they swapped, and A comforted N through the same process! Sweet sisters, for sure.


A month ago there were still a few ‘safe’ places in my house where I could trust that Lil’ A wouldn’t get to. Now there are less and less! She can now climb up on a tall stool in the kitchen. And I often find her on top of the island if I turn my back even for a moment.

The one good thing is that she can’t yet GET DOWN by herself. So if I put her up (for now at least), she’s stuck until you get her down. I might find her standing on the table or on the floor cause she fell off the stool (not often, ha!), but usually she just sits there until she yells at me to get her down…


But who can be frustrated with this busy little whirlwind for long. This girl. She’s precious.

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