30 April 2015

Book Training

My older two children have always easily sat with their Daddy (usually) or their Grammi or Grandma or anyone really to read books. Whether it was their idea or someone else's idea... they have usually sat and listened from a very early age.

My third child is different. Who is surprised!?

We have been making a more focused effort these days to help her learn this skill. I truly think it's important. But it's NOT always pretty...

Was doing okay, then decided she didn't want to be there.

Big sis is always trying to comfort her. Such a sweet little Mama she is.


Another day...


This sort of counts? Even if she's in a confined space?

But the victory came today. I don't think we're done with the process entirely, but today she brought me three books which she then sat and listened to for half an hour! It was a lot of

 "All of Baby, Nose to Toes"
"Personal Penguin"
"Time for Bed"

But I didn't mind, those are three pretty good books to read over and over if it means Lil' A is slowly learning to sit and listen to books!

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