11 May 2015

Aaaahhhh, Mother’s Day

This mother’s day was great. I try not to have big expectations, but if I’m honest it’s a day that’s kind of important to me. I literally pour my life into my kiddos day in and day out and it’s HARD HARD stuff. It’s nice to be recognized and celebrated, right? Mike often encourages me, but a whole day for this purpose? Yes please! It’s basically as good as birthday.

So here’s my day.


Breakfast in bed. Three courses. With two very enthusiastic and excited servers.  Here was course one… fruit cup and yogurt parfait. (And my water and vitamins of course).


And this precious paper that my girlie did. She was pretty close to right on. Except she got my age wrong by 10 years or so… ;)

Then Sweet N went on to tell me that “Da second course is going to have yots of internestingness because we made orange juice because we didn’t have any oranges.”


Yes it did sound interesting. And yes it was interesting! Also eggs and toast were served along with a precious gift that my boy made at school.


Isn’t that the best poem you’ve ever read?

No? Well, it’s the best one I’ve ever read.


Third course was coffee and a cinnamon roll and flowers. Mike told me later that when he took the kids shopping that they wouldn’t let him buy the cheap canned cinnamon rolls… only the best ‘expensive’ canned cinnamon rolls for their Mommy. I do love a good cinnamon roll. Ha! Train ‘em up right…

So after that we went to church, as usual.


I took along my fourth child as well. :)


After church we used a gift certificate at a Hawaiian Barbeque place. I didn’t think I’d love it, but I seriously cannot forget that beef teriyaki. So so good.


A little tick-tack-toe while we waited for our food.

Then we went home and the kiddos rested.


I enjoyed a treat of a (decaf) Starbucks.


And settled on the couch for some felt letter cutting (a project for church) while watching…



Phantom of the Opera! Coffee, ‘crafts’ and a musical? Now that’s what a call a good time. It seriously was dreamy and relaxing and felt luxurious. Am I easily pleased? Maybe.


The rest of the day consisted of watching some shenanigans.


And Facetiming with my Mama!

And I’m sure we ate something for dinner, but I can’t recall. Then I finished Phantom of the Opera after the kiddos went to bed.

It was a marvelous day. I’m so blessed to be a Mommy to (soon) 4 amazing kiddos. And blessed to be sharing the journey with an amazing man.

Thanks for a perfect day precious family. It’s my joy and honor to take care of you.

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