28 May 2015

My Little Loving Servants

So I wasn’t feeling too well last month. Something about this first trimester for me. It’s just so hard. I’m often collapsed on the couch, feeling super crummy and feeling like a super crummy Mama too.

One afternoon last month, I was resting and dozing and feeling yucky. Meanwhile the big kids were up to something…


They brought a TV table to my side and placed on it everything I might need: iPad, bible, water, house keys (?), puke bowl with paper towels (they are so right on) and my little green dino, of course. Oh and I see a teddy bear closeby too. For comfort, I believe. Sweet things.


They closed the curtains so it was darker and better for resting.

Then they started picking up the house…


The usually disastrous shoe cabinet was spic and span.


The enormous amount of various water drinking vessels that fill the kitchen counters were nicely lined up.


They made Lil A’s bed nice and neat.


And N straightened her bed.


And H shyly was hiding in his bed, tickled with himself and all they did.

I was so blown away by my wonderful kiddos. They totally bless me and bring me so much joy when I feel so sick.

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