06 June 2015

I Tried to Talk Her Out of It…

She asked.

I waited.

Months went by.

She asked again.

I hoped she’d change her mind.

Months went by.

She asked again.

With tears in my eyes, I agreed.

I made an appointment.

Today we went.

Sweet N got her hair cut… waaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!

So silly right? I know it. She’s my little girl and had lovely long hair, just like little girls should! But she didn’t forget her desire for a haircut; she didn’t change her mind; I couldn’t convince her otherwise. So here you have it…





Sorry for three before pictures, she’s just so darn cute.




The stylist kept asking “Is this short enough?”

I’d look at N. I’d reluctantly ask her opinion, hoping she wouldn’t ask for more of her locks to be cut off.

Sweet N would say “No, shorter.”

Stylist would cut it shorter and ask again.

“No, shorter.”

And again! She asked three times for it to be shorter.



She’s just so sweet. And she’s beautiful with short hair too, who knew?! ;)



Little spunk was so happy. Never a second thought. Never a regret.


Major haircuts can be so much more emotional for grown women (and Mamas like me, obviously) than it was for this girlie.

She’s her own girl…  independent and strong and knows what she wants. I love that. Reminds me of someone I know, in fact.

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