09 July 2015

One of Her Favorite Things

We recently purchased a bird feeder for our balcony.

It’s pretty much one of her favorite things.

Our tiniest talker now spends half of her day pointing out the window yelling “Mommy! Birdie!!  Two birdies!!” Or “Mommy! Birdies eeeaat beafast!”, “Mommy! Birdies eeeaat lunch!”, “Mommy! Birdies eeeaat niiinner!!”.

It’s pretty much tons of fun.

And now she’s become our resident bird-feeder filler-upper. I give her a tiny cup and taught her to pour slowly and she can do a pretty decent job.

She takes a scoop…


Looks at me…


Says“sllooow” for a reminder…


and then pours (most) of the seed in the right place…


And repeat.

It’s pretty much the cutest thing.

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