29 September 2015

Lil’ A in her ‘Little’ (Big) Bed

In the spirit of moving, I’ve been thinking we should go ahead and get rid of the crib and changing table. Baby boy can just sleep in a bassinet until we move and I can live without a changing table for him.

So one evening when A said “I wanna seep in dat little bed’ (pointing to the bunk bed below Sweet N with the mattress on the floor) I knew that I should seize the moment. I didn’t want to seize it though. I want to keep her in a crib forever because she’s cute and little and I don’t want her to grow up so fast.

However she’s been able to climb out for months, so a crib wasn’t actually keeping her contained. The green clock has continued to work miracles though! I realize  that her learning to stay in her crib until the clock turns green was definitely the foundation for moving her to a big bed.

Here’s a lil’ pic of her putting a sticker on her ‘Stay in Bed Until the Clock Turns Green’ sticker chart from a couple weeks ago…


I was surprised how well she learned!

Aaaaanyway, my heart protested this toddler milestone but my practical mind made me go for it.


Of course it quickly turned into a full family affair. H and N adore A so much. They melt my heart.


IMG_3175 IMG_3182

She actually went to sleep without much trouble. It took a little longer than usual, but not a big deal.


I did find her in the crack by the wall once she had fallen asleep though. So we had to roll her out and add a blanket to block the crack…


But she snoozed all night and has been doing SO well staying in bed until the clock turns green.At 7am sharp she barrels out of the room with all the energy of the world in her little toddler body and another day begins!

Another toddler milestone conquered. Now if only the potty training would be so easy…

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