17 September 2015

My Little Companion

I am really enjoying my time with this little lady these days. Sure, she’s busy and talky and spunky and completely exhausting… but she’s just so much fun.

With both big kids in school everyday and little brother not coming for another month, it’s just this little one and I most mornings. She’s so verbal, which is really fun. She’s playful and expressive and bright.





Simple things like feeling the rain from the balcony are so fun with a my tot during the times when I’m relaxed and living in the moment. I’m trying to be that way as much as I can these days. We’ve blown bubbles outside the library during a short stop, just because she saw them under the seat of the car and asked to. We’ve taken time looking at all the lifesize (to her) display of scarecrows at Hobby Lobby. We’ve sat and had a treat at the bakery together. Just the little things.

It’s me pushing the to-do list to the back of my mind when I feel I can and just embracing these days with my girl in this country before all of life changes…

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