06 October 2015

These Days…

These days a trip to the grocery store looks like this for me…





And shopping with Grammi…


And then there’s this time she build a tower of tortillas and cheese to stand on in the Costco cart…


We get a lot of smiles. And yes I let her do all these things if I’m in the right mood. She’s my third child. I’m 9 months pregnant. It’s not worth the battle. Do you understand?

And we give a lot of smiles. She was pretty happy at Lowe’s on this day.


This was a shocking moment when she sat by herself for a little while building towers with blocks. She does play by herself occasionally. But more often she’s by my side. Or climbing on me. Or talking to me. Or ‘helping me’.


This day a special friend took the kiddos on a little walk (ride) to pick out whatever they wanted at the gas station. That was so very special for them! Love you Aunt Chele!


This girl is teetering on top of a stool or getting into some cabinet many times a day. I honestly gave up trying to stop her. All I can do is hope she doesn’t harm herself.


This day she climbed into the sink and was quiet for too long. I should have known. Eventually she called to me for help. Help doing what you wonder? Help washing her canvas shoes in the sink with them still on her feet. Aaaaand they weren’t even dirty.


These two were in the courtyard recently when a bunch of guys were working to install a playground border and fill it with mulch (pic down below). I found them happily sitting at this tiny table playing tic tac toe on an erasable tile.


They’re so sweet when they get along.


Here’s the finished mulch area around the playset. Doesn’t it look lovely?!


“Fishies!” at the store with my fun little companion.


Just chillin’ eating applesauce (her fav) and doing a little reading…


Bathtime cutie.


For several days in a row she insisted on wearing brother’s pajamas to bed. It was pretty fun. And random. Her antics literally never end.


And that’s my days these days. Pretty great.

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