20 November 2015


I’ve been reminded on multiple fronts lately of one thing.

Our battle is not against flesh and blood.

Your battles.

My battles.

The world’s battles.

The REAL fight is happening in places unseen to our human eyes. The REAL fight sounds like a storybook because it’s a battle between good and evil.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”

(Eph 6:12)

As we prepare to move our family overseas in about 5 weeks (oh my), you may think that what we have seen in the international news in the past few weeks may make us reconsider. And yes, at times it is tempting to shy away, of course. We are human and staying in ‘safe’ America (not true, if you read local news, actually) seems like the easier way.  But Christ did not teach us to run away during persecution and hardship, did He? He taught us to love. To engage. To trust Him. In some ways, it makes our decision a heavier one, yes. But we have chosen not to change course.

I’ve been reminded lately that we are to live by FAITH and not by SIGHT.

That’s what it’s about.

Now don’t be confused… we are not reckless. We are not stupid. We ask God again and again to watch over our children. We pray. We use wisdom and discernment. We do have fear as any parents would, but we push back against it and it’s lies. I want to model to my children a life that follows God in a radical way. Not one that centers around a life of safety and comfort. And it’s impossible to model that if we don’t actually live it ourselves. And for our family, it seems the time is now.

Maybe we won’t last long overseas, I really don’t know. We hope for longevity, but we’ve never done this with this many kids before. We are giving it our all because the reality of this life on earth is that it’s over in the blink of an eye. It’s just so short. Hardships may come our way. Some already have. God has walked us through them with so much grace. I want to keep my eyes on the things that matter.

May my life be carefully fashioned around You, Jesus. For You, with You, and towards You. May I live by faith and not by sight.

17 November 2015

Tummy Time Times Three


The big kids were pretty excited to have the idea to do tummy time with Mister B.

Tummy time times three. Love them. And B is already very strong!

16 November 2015

Starting young

Lil' A is starting young 'reading' to her baby brother...

15 November 2015

A Very Special Day (Baptisms)

My kiddos had been asking about being baptized for quite awhile. We finally made it happen during a private ceremony this weekend. It was traditional and simple and lovely. Our pastor was amazing explaining things to all the kids. 

We were sad to not have our families there (friends even stood in for the kids' sponsors), but it was a joy to have many friends with us, they have become like brothers and sisters.

We praise God for these children who have chosen to walk in God's ways.

Tiny One

Even 'big' babies are SO tiny! And this is how a tiny one gets posed to snuggle a bear for a nap when he has three doting older siblings!

10 November 2015

Not Quite What I Meant

Toddlers aren’t famous for giving their Mama’s much space or privacy.

Sometimes I’ll ask Lil’ A…

“Please can I have some privacy, A?”

and then she’ll pretend to grab something off a shelf or out of the bathtub and ‘hand’ it to me. “Here’s some privacy, Mama!”

or if I ask…

“Can Mama have some space please?”

and then she’ll pretend to grab something off a shelf or out of the bathtub and ‘hand’ it to me. “Here’s your space Mama!”

Then she looks at me with that cutest little troublemaker grin, feeling so proud of herself. And then I laugh and my heart bursts and I forget why I wanted space and privacy in the first place…

Quote of the Day

Mike and I are in the midst of the packing process. Sometimes we can work independently and sometimes we have to work together.

The other day we were having a bit of a tension filled conversation about packing something or other (can’t remember).

I was explaining to him that I am a person of systems and efficiency. This is how I work and it really works very well. Being organized is a good thing right?

So he smarts back…

“Well I am a person of haphazard actions!”

Bahahaha… we have a good laugh about that one then and I’m still laughing about it now.

This is one area where we find we are just a leeeeeettttle bit different.

Ha! I think we’ll make it though…

06 November 2015

My Boy H has a Birthday!

We celebrated the 8th birthday of my older son just a week after we celebrated the arrival of his baby brother!  

03 November 2015

The Gift of Homebirth, Again

Our son, who shall be known on this blog as Mister B, was born at home last week. It was not my first home birth (Lil’ A was born at home) but it was by far my most challenging delivery but even so it was such a gift to be at home.

I don’t have words yet for you about the whole experience. But I do have some amazing photographs from my friend at Colour Her Hope Photography. She also did my maternity portraits, which I also love!

I will spare you the most intense photographs of the birth. ‘Intense’ is a mild word, mind you. But don’t you go thinking “Lookie there! She just takes a deep breath and then she’s holding that baby!… Piece of cake…”

That’s not exactly how it went down. Just FYI.

Anyway, here it is… Mister B and the gift of his homebirth.


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