03 November 2015

The Gift of Homebirth, Again

Our son, who shall be known on this blog as Mister B, was born at home last week. It was not my first home birth (Lil’ A was born at home) but it was by far my most challenging delivery but even so it was such a gift to be at home.

I don’t have words yet for you about the whole experience. But I do have some amazing photographs from my friend at Colour Her Hope Photography. She also did my maternity portraits, which I also love!

I will spare you the most intense photographs of the birth. ‘Intense’ is a mild word, mind you. But don’t you go thinking “Lookie there! She just takes a deep breath and then she’s holding that baby!… Piece of cake…”

That’s not exactly how it went down. Just FYI.

Anyway, here it is… Mister B and the gift of his homebirth.


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