18 January 2016

A Brave Girlie (First Day of Preschool)

Oh my heart... she looks so grown up here!

This girlie started preschool this week. It's an Arabic language school in another part of town that comes highly recommended. 

The first day I went with her and it was a tough three hours. That was only half of the school day but I couldn't take it any longer. There was a lot of crying and some chasing. Poor thing... for sure it's such a hard adjustment... so much 'new' in every area of her little life. And surprisingly, she hasn't shown much trouble at all adjusting to any of it. But the first day of preschool is hard I think, even if it's in a language that a two year old can understand.

Anyway, on day two the head teacher told me to not stay very long, which I was fine with because it hadn't gone very well the day before with me there. But I expected a difficult parting, at least.

So I walked her in, got her settled at the table with her yogurt cup, kissed her, said "I love you" (She said "I love you too") and then I left. She basically didn't care. Ha!

Then I proceeded to think about her ALL DAY LONG. Was she doing okay? Was she crying? Were the teachers frustrated with her? Did she understand what was happening? Would they use English with her occasionally? Did she get bored? Was she too tired? Did she understand that she'd be picked up soon? Would she nap? Did she have enough food? Oh my goodness. And all these thoughts from a Mama who is NOT a 'helicopter Mom' at all (at least I don't think I am).

But then she was picked up by a friend and we went to get her and she was SO VERY HAPPY. The report was that she didn't cry the whole day AND she laid down to take a nap during naptime. Amazing. She is so amazing to me. Such a brave thing for a 2 year old.

I'm a proud Mama of my strong girl! I think three days of preschool will be so good for her and for me too. And it probably won't be long until her Arabic is better than mine...


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