24 January 2016

An Hour in the Life

So Mike is gone. He's in Asia and I'm here, newly arrived in the Middle East being a solo Mama to my kids for six days.

This evening was one of those evenings. So much was happening all at once it started to feel unreal...

All within an hour all of the following things happened:

-Most of us finished up dinner
-I hung some wet laundry on the freezing balcony to dry
-I picked up toys, including a plastic bag that A had packed with various toys and many dirty tissues
-B unusally started crying inconsolably
-Cleared the table of dinner
-Started boiling chicken to make soup tomorrow
-Washing dishes, loading dishwasher
-B still crying
-A runs to the bathroom "I have to go pooooottttyyyyyy" so I put her on
-Pipe bursts under the sink spilling dirty sink water on the floor and making a mess under the sink
-A tries to wipe her own bottom, but I reprimand her and the I wipe her bottom and she tells me "I don't eat poop" (?!?!)
-Starting worrying about why my daughter would feel the need to tell me that she doesn't eat poop.
-Emptied out everything under the sink, wiping up kitchen floor
-Getting kids in pajamas and telling them to brush their teeth
-B still crying
-Texting friends down the road and in Lebanon and to my husband in Thailand about the burst pipe, don't know what to do
-Trying to read books to the kids before bed
-Phone dies
-B still crying
-I'm shaking B on my lap and re-inserting his pacifier when he pops it out in an effort to keep him from crying
-Reading "Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle me too" to the kids, amongst other books
-Still shaking B on my lap
-Reading story of David and Goliath to the kids
-Water on kitchen floor
-A (who is right beside me) opens a box of wipes and spreads 10 of them neatly over the back of the couch and I don't even notice
-Then I notice
-A gets in trouble
-Big kids think it's a good time to have a deep conversation about Daniel's faith as a child
-We talk about David's faith
-B crying
-We prayed

Then into bed with all of them! And I kept my cool the whole time. This is major victory folks.

Oh. My. Goodness.

All in an hour. This is the life.

And B is still crying. Gotta go!

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