04 January 2016

The Velodrome

I like to try new things. So when I saw this crazy slanted bike track downtown this summer, I did a little research (It's called a Velodrome! Olympic athletes train there! They hold events!) and decided it was going to be worth a family outing. I joined the Velodrome's FB group to stay in the loop. And then it was actually months before we made it here. I even put races on my calendar MANY times before one evening when we finally all jumped in the car on a beautiful summer evening and ventured down there. 

And it was so fun. Not much was going on the first visit. But it was a lovely evening outside and there was music playing and the kids were climbing around and we were trying to figure out how bike racing even works. Such a good time! So another time we packed a picnic and went back. 2 or 3 times we went. I'd love to go every summer, although now they built a covering over the track? Which would really change the fun of it if they don't take it down in the summer. 

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