27 February 2016

Four Babies, One Onesie

Okay so I already lied. I thought I had all four of my babies in this onesie. But maybe I’m wrong because I can’t find a picture of the first baby in the onesie. And I’m pretty organized. So I think if I had a picture… I’d be able to find it.


So here’s three of my babies in one of my favorite onesies. With knee socks. Laying on the big bed. With a small blanket. Cause I’m weird like that.

First N…

Portaits 011

Then A…


And B…


And just to make myself feel better. Here’s a pic of H in a different onesie at a similar age… (but still wearing knee socks!)

Week 12 006

Wow these precious babes are such gifts.

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