09 March 2016

An Explosive Birthday

We celebrated Mike’s birthday recently. His birthday marks the completion of ‘birthday and holiday’ season for me. Most major holiday and all six of our birthdays fall within four months.

Basically I’m exhausted.

Anyway, we just had a couple dear friends for dinner. Chicken tacos were requested and I pulled out all the stops, even making homemade tortillas. That’s love, baby.  



The kids and I gave him various gifts. Most of them office supplies because earlier that day I happened to take the kids to the stationary store to purchase N’s long list of school supplies. And I know my man appreciates an envelope now and then when he needs one, so we really went crazy. Even bought him a cube of small white pieces of paper. I know. Out of control.

I also wrapped up this birthday popper thing that he bought for A’s birthday (one week earlier) and forgot about.


I look at this picture and can hear A asking “Wha is it Daaaady?”


Once everyone understood what it was (and that it was going to be loud) the area cleared out.


And the birthday boy was left to try to open the thing.


Trying to open it, that is, never knowing when it’s gonna BLOW!


Nope, not yet.


Maybe I should try like this.


Or this way.


Let’s try like this…


Oh my goodness…


Tiny TEENY tiny bit of colored foiled E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.


Whose idea was this?


Ha! It was great fun! We laughed and laughed and after a few minutes of delay, Lil’ A cried and cried cause it scared her. Poor baby.

So after comforting the toddler and sweeping up 446,664,345 tiny bits of foil, I served the birthday peach crumble (as requested).


Happy Birthday, we love you so much!

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