09 March 2016

Fingerpaint Fun

Forgive the beginners alliteration and the topic that is not really interesting unless you’re futuristic me, longing for when my babies were small, and yelling “maMA” every three minutes (seconds). Or a grandparent. Grandparents also appreciate these posts.

I bought Lil’ A fingerpaint for her birthday. It was a selfless gift, for sure, cause it’s fun for her but work for me.

Anyway, when she asked to do it later that week, I could hardly say no. So I said yes! And it was pretty darn fun. For a girl that doesn’t often stop moving, she sat for quite awhile working on paper after paper. I even did some fingerpainting myself… namely painting the outline of shapes so she could ‘color’ them in with her fingerpaint.





She was so happy, I felt like a good Mom for doing a craft project with her, and nothing was stained in the process (although she did get some paint in her hair, which is no big surprise.)

Win. Win. Win.

I think we’ll do it again

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