29 April 2016

Collection of Words-Lil’ A Style

Here is a collection of some of A’s words over the past year. Ages 2 and 3 are pretty fun talky years, if I do say so myself. Cuteness overload.


These are not stamps she’s using. They are ‘snappers’.


Here she is showing me Mister B’s “Skeetos”.


This is not jam. It’s “Gel”.


Here is very large “Water lemon”.


Her favorite show (above) is “Ganiel Giger”. This is her favorite episode about Daniel Tiger going to the doctor to get a shot. I thought the cute little song about “Close your eyes and think of something happy” that she learned from this show to cope with getting a shot would help her when it came time for her next immunization.

It did not.



“Bink Mamas toffee? One sip-a Mamas toffee ice”


A with Mama’s “Puter”.


Others Are:

Tuna Salad= “hummus” (This one makes me laugh, but we all know what she means!)

Apple = “apple fruit”

Dishwasher = “dishy”

pretzels = “prinzels”

Any knife is “scissors” and her own little knife is “little scissors”

Goldfish crackers = “doofus”

And she loves to use Mama’s chapstick = “gapgip”

Many times when she calls for Mike or I (Daddy or Mommy), she actually says “Mom-me-yah” and “Dad-de-yah”. I think for flair and emphasis.

She’s an excellent little talker and she makes us laugh!

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