05 April 2016

Got a Krick in Your Neck?

Since he was a tiny newborn, Mister B has been comfortable with his head severely bent back. It looks so awkward and awful… I’m sure when I held him like that when he was tiny it would have been easy to think that I was failing as a mother, because doesn’t everyone know to support a baby’s head?!

Turn out I know, but I just don’t care.


I might not have noticed until my sister met him and she noticed. And she would hold him with his head hanging down the back.

So if your big sister does it, it’s certainly okay.

He’s 5 months now, and I still find him like this a lot… he really loves it!



(He didn’t fall off the couch, I promise!)




I wish I could explain it. All I know is babies are certainly little people, with personalities and preferences, even at such a young age. What joy.

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