05 April 2016

I Can’t Do It

See the first alarm on this screenshot?


It’s obviously been months and months since I got up at 5:55 to run. I mean I moved overseas three months ago, where I might not ever get up at 5:55 to run outside. Before that I had a newborn. And before that I was, well, very pregnant.

But I just can’t delete the alarm.

I used to meet my dear friend and neighbor to exercise three mornings a week. We kept this up for the majority of the time I lived in Colorado. It was, of course interrupted by trips and babies and husbands traveling and sickness and and and.

But when we could, we would. And I LOVED it. It’s one of my dearest memories from the past three years. The joy was of course not the exercise… but it was the chance to chat with my girlfriend at the beginning of my days. To share and laugh and vent (oops) and even pray sometimes (yay us).

Oh friend, I miss our walks. And I miss you more. And I just can’t delete my alarm.

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