04 April 2016

My Days with Baby B

When we first planned to move back overseas, I thought that Lil’ A was going to be my youngest child and therefore my constant daytime companion in this new land. But then Mister B surprised us and it changed the picture I had of  what I thought my daily life would look like.

A is still here with me four days a week, but now Baby B is my constant daily companion, and I have to say that coming here with a baby, as crazy as it may sound to many to move overseas with a newborn… just feels so right to me. Of course it does, it was God’s plan, not ours, ha! I couldn’t be more thankful for his little life joining our family at this transitional time.

He brings so much joy to us, he gives the kids so much to look forward to after school, it gives them another person to give them unconditional love and they adore him. And we all always have somebody to coo and tickle and giggle at no matter how challenging our days are.

And so now I find myself with a sweet little baby boy as my daily companion. Three days a week my three oldest children are at school and if I am home with JUST the baby, WOW… does it feel LUXURIOUS!

Most days, if I’m paying attention to anticipate his needs… he’s just a grinning little chub. Such a delight!

The days I am alone with him at home I often staple my bottom to my desk chair to accomplish great things (?!) on my laptop. Computer work is SO much more challenging with any big kids around, so I seize the moment and do it when it’s just B and me.

Sometimes he’s on my lap, furiously grasping for anything within reach.


Sometimes he’s in his boppy on the floor, working hard at his core exercises.


More often you’ll find him in his bouncy seat nearby…



Or in his baby box at my side batting at toys or taking a snooze.



I thank God for the wisdom of His plan. And I thank Him for quiet days at home with my baby boy.

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