03 May 2016

Career Day

A couple weeks ago my kids had career day at school.  Things like this always make a little nervous when I first hear about it because the first thought that jumps in my head is “Oh no! How much work is this gonna take for me?!”

It’s terrible of me! (But I know I’m not alone.)

It took them no time at all to declare that they’d like to be a chef and an architect. With a little thought we had outfits planned…


The biggest victory in this outfit was the chef’s hat made by stapling a plastic bag (thank you God that I had a plain white one!) in a ring of folded parchment paper. Easy peazy!


Check out this kid. I can hardly handle it.

He has his recent 3D puzzle model of the Burj Al Khalifa (tallest building in the world in Dubai), his Dad’s padfolio, a tie and combed hair.

Oh my word he was so cute.


He asked for business cards so I whipped some up for him (which he then passed out to his classmates and teachers very proudly like a good little businessman)…


And some plans and sections of the building itself. I couldn't’ help myself.

Success! And it was actually fun!

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