23 May 2016

Dear Daylight Savings

I think I need to make an apology to daylights savings time.

I used to complain about the inconvenience of moving the clock one hour. It was enough to make us late for church or to make my children rise too early for my liking.

But I’d like to apologize now.

Because the REAL evil is the LACK of daylight savings time.

A couple months ago I noticed that the sky was growing lighter fairly early. So I glanced ahead to see the sunrise times.


Say WHAAAA?! 4:54? Oh no please say it’s not true…

I got nervous. But what I didn’t realize is that if the sun rises at 4:54, that an east facing window actually begins to look quite bright as early s 4:30. So it’s actually even worse than I thought!



My children (who are lacking blackout curtains in their room) are rising earlier than they have in the history of their precious little bounce-out-of-bed-ready-to-go-without-considering-the-state-of-the-drowsy-parents children.

Our current country has a history of waffling about daylight savings time. So much so that my phone automatically changed time and Mike’s didn’t… and we have the same phone on the same network. Weird huh?

I think this month the sunrise is as early as it gets and it should start moving back in the direction that I find more favorable…

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