27 August 2016

Christmas in August–Quote of the Day

It’s August.

Lil’ A asked me today.

“Can we go to Christmas tomorrow?”

I wish we could baby. I wish we could.

26 August 2016

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day, as told to me by my sister.

My sis and Lil’ A were walking outside to jump on the trampoline together (yeah, she’s a super start aunt)…

Lil’ A: You know what’s my favorite?

Sarah: What?

Lil’ A: Pizza. I smell pizza in my nose. See?

Sarah was then instructed to bend down and sniff A’s nose so that she, too, could smell the pizza ‘in’ A’s nose.


25 August 2016

Model Rockets–a Tradition

This has become a tradition in recent years. Mike worked at a summer camp when he was young and one of the camp activities he was in charge of was model rockets. Now we like to do it about once a year. It’s good fun and the kids love it (well, the kids that don’t think it’s scary!).

This day we rushed out after a big storm, but before sunset. It turned out to be perfect. The wind was hardly blowing and it was gorgeous out.



In the past this girlie did fine. This time she decided it was too loud for her. Aunt Wendy to the rescue.



Trying to catch the rocket and parachute as it falls. I think most of them were caught this year. So fun!





As the smoke blew into the field I had Sweet N run out of it toward me. Cool effect, eh? Oh yeah… I’m a professional. Ha!






20 August 2016

Similar, Perhaps?

I’m randomly looking through old photos on my computer this morning (because I’m ALOOOOONE for the morning, whaaaatt?!) …


I found this one of A, which took me all kinds of reminiscing about how crazy of a crawler/toddler she was because she got into EVERYTHING. She’s still crazy now, don’t get me wrong. But I forgot about what it was like when she was one.

Anyhoo, this look on her face reminded of this photo.


This one is of me. And yeah, I’m also getting into someplace where I probably shouldn’t. But it’s that strawberry hair and big blue eyes…

16 August 2016

Uncle Who? (Quote of the Day)

After we first got to see Mike’s sister Julie and her husband, Curt, at the end of June, Mike was going over family names with Lil’ A.

M: What was that guy’s name?

A: Uncle Curtain.

Oh man she makes us laugh.

Mike Always Said…

Ever since we started traveling internationally with babies eight years ago, I have often lamented about having to do so with babies. It’s hard!

Mike has always tried to calm me by saying “Don’t worry. Our babies are so cute, I’m sure the other passengers will just pass him/her around the whole time.” Then I’d roll my eyes. “Whatever” I’d think.


Coming home for a visit this summer, Mike found unbelievably cheap tickets. And when you’re buying 5.5 tickets, a good price is a really big deal. Buuuuut they took us through Saudi Arabia. Which meant we flew 3 hours in the WRONG direction to sleep in an airport overnight


and then fly 13.5 hours in the RIGHT direction. I was not happy about it. I went into a coma for the couple hours after I realized how long that second flight was going to be.

Thanks be to God, there were lots of extra seats on these flights and I was able to buckle in Mister B’s carseat next to me, which makes traveling with a baby so much easier. This was my first time doing this, and it was amazing… I really need to update my “Traveling Tips” posts with this revolutionary information that is probably old news to everyone else.




There was a large extended Indian family on the long flight, sitting in the rows ahead of us.

And they literally passed my baby around for HOURS. Many hours.


If he fussed much, they’d bring him back to me. And then five minutes later some other family member would show up at the end of my aisle with arms outstretched. If he wasn’t crying, they wanted him back.

This family was so dear. One girl spoke a little English. Enough for me to learn that they were all immigrating to Washington D.C. and they’d never been to the U.S. before. God bless their hearts. They were so dear. Lil’ A also eventually joined them and Noelle shared a seat with a girl for awhile and they watched a movie together.


It was so great.


Night at a Baseball Game

Our first week  in Ohio this summer we met family at a baseball game. I love baseball games. I don’t exactly watch the game, I just enjoy the atmosphere, being outside, and being with some favorite people.



Blue eyed jammie baby in a mini-papasan chair at a baseball game sucking his two fingers. Does it get any cuter than that?!


I think not.



I promise Grandma didn’t make the baby cry…


The View

There is an outdoor cafe (if I can call it that?) in our part of the city that has a fabulous view. On a clear(ish) day, the Pyramids are visible. Contrary to what many think… the pyramids are not in a remote part of the desert. Maybe it USED to be remote, but now it’s smack dab surrounded by crazy city.


And here’s my fav lady to share the view and refreshment with (refreshment in both in the liquid and the relational forms)…


We’re both traveling for the summer currently, but there’ll be more visits to this place soon!

15 August 2016

The Screen Porch Cafe

This summer we had more time in Ohio than we were expecting. This was a great thing because I was able to feel more relaxed. Our summer visits are often so full of people to see, things to do, and shopping lists… it’s hard for me to take it easy. But because we delayed our tickets to stay with my Mom through heart surgery, we had extra time.

Because of that extra time, one day I decided to help my kids run a little cafe for Grammi, Poppi and their Daddy. We decided on things to serve, wrote out and copied menus, and learned how to take orders, serve and clear places. It was fun!  And I’m not-so-secretly hoping that they can do it next year all by themselves!! Ha!






11 August 2016


This way on the way to Grandma and Grampa’s for dinner we stopped at a local park to explore in the water and have a picnic. I did this a lot growing up. It was fun to see the kids enjoy it too!


Can you spot Mister B? He got to ‘enjoy’ the creek from his carseat on the bank.


















Nature. It does a heart good.

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