16 August 2016

Mike Always Said…

Ever since we started traveling internationally with babies eight years ago, I have often lamented about having to do so with babies. It’s hard!

Mike has always tried to calm me by saying “Don’t worry. Our babies are so cute, I’m sure the other passengers will just pass him/her around the whole time.” Then I’d roll my eyes. “Whatever” I’d think.


Coming home for a visit this summer, Mike found unbelievably cheap tickets. And when you’re buying 5.5 tickets, a good price is a really big deal. Buuuuut they took us through Saudi Arabia. Which meant we flew 3 hours in the WRONG direction to sleep in an airport overnight


and then fly 13.5 hours in the RIGHT direction. I was not happy about it. I went into a coma for the couple hours after I realized how long that second flight was going to be.

Thanks be to God, there were lots of extra seats on these flights and I was able to buckle in Mister B’s carseat next to me, which makes traveling with a baby so much easier. This was my first time doing this, and it was amazing… I really need to update my “Traveling Tips” posts with this revolutionary information that is probably old news to everyone else.




There was a large extended Indian family on the long flight, sitting in the rows ahead of us.

And they literally passed my baby around for HOURS. Many hours.


If he fussed much, they’d bring him back to me. And then five minutes later some other family member would show up at the end of my aisle with arms outstretched. If he wasn’t crying, they wanted him back.

This family was so dear. One girl spoke a little English. Enough for me to learn that they were all immigrating to Washington D.C. and they’d never been to the U.S. before. God bless their hearts. They were so dear. Lil’ A also eventually joined them and Noelle shared a seat with a girl for awhile and they watched a movie together.


It was so great.


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