03 October 2016

Quote of the Day

Where we live, there is a lot of junk imported from China that is just that… total JUNK.

In the U.S. we have things imported from China and it’s definitely sub-par goods. But a lot of times it still works and it’s fine… it’s just not known for being great stuff.

Here, a lot of it is just plain crap. Once I bought a clock, had it tested at the store (because I knew it was probably junk and thought I could be smart by having it tested at the store). It worked. I bought it. Brought it home. Set it. Hung it on the wall. And the next morning discovered that while the hands moved… they’re don’t actually KEEP time. So then I pitched in the garbage and suppressed my curses.

Aaaaanyway this fact of life here requires conversations with children who want to spend their spending money on nice looking toys. EXCEPT IT’S JUNK FROM CHINA AND I KNOW IT. I want to avoid the meltdown that will happen five minutes after we leave the store and the item they just spent their hard-earned money on has already broken.

Lord help us all.

So I have to teach them to watch out for and avoid junk from China. Because that’s what any loving parent would do.

Which brought up this comment, which must have rung a bell about a similar conversation, which happened when we lived in the U.S. about another place that often sells things from China…

“Mostly everything from the Dollar Tree is breakable except food.”

I think my Sweet N is getting the point, ha!

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