06 December 2016

All the Photos…

So, I’ve been frustrated lately with how little time I have to post to my blog. It just doesn’t fit in much these days, no matter how much I’d like it to. And that’s okay. It’s the season I’m in.

But I did want to keep documenting my every-days with kids on the blog somehow. Facebook and Instagram are great for sharing, but my blog is where I want to collect and keep the majority of our family’s story.

I did a little research and learned about a thing called an applet. Then I created my own applet that automatically puts my Instagram posts on my blog. This fits the bill for me for now. And I felt very accomplished! Bonus!

I still want to write and do other more interesting posts. And that’ll happen occasionally. But for now I’m happy that at least there won’t be huge gaps of our lives missing from the blog in the meantime.

Thanks for understanding, and sorry to those who see these photos on Instagram and maybe on Facebook and then on the blog too! That’s overkill and I’m sorry about that.

Okay! Off to make sure my baby didn’t pull the Christmas tree on top of himself!

Love yas.

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