31 December 2017

Beautiful Laundry Line

Who knew clothes on clothesline could look so beautiful. Space for a long clothesline outside is just another one of the things I love about our new(ish) apartment. And it reminds me of my childhood. ❤️

18 December 2017

Three More Sleeps?!

This is getting real! Only 3 more sleeps until Grandma and Grandpa and Joyce come to see us! We can hardly believe it!!

15 December 2017

Classic Church Scene

Little Elf

Santa's little elf hard at work. And in case you're wondering... she DOESN'T need any help. She can do it all by herself. . Except with the tape. And the cutting. And what does Daddy's letter look like again? She's the best.

10 December 2017


"Toooeeee" he keeps telling me, showing me (it's peeking through his jammies) and giggling to no end. 😍

06 December 2017


It's 58 degrees out this evening. So like good little desert children, my kids dug out their winter things and bundled up to go play on the terrace.


He wants very much to open the panty door and get a cookie. He fixed the problem of not being able to reach the door handle. But despite that it just won't open and he's not sure why. 😂😂

02 December 2017

Peaceful Afternoon

A good book, pillows and blankets, a twinkling tree, piano winterlude, a peaceful home. One of my happiest places.

Special Day for Me

A blessed day with my loves.

29 November 2017

Sushi Date

"Do they make chicken sushi?" H wants to know.

27 November 2017

Rare Symmetry

I am not one for symmetry but I have no regrets here. #oldstuff #newhome #yesourwallsarepink #swoon

26 November 2017

19 November 2017


"Coo-kie" is one of his very best words.

Cookies with Grammi

Listening to Christmas music early (for us) because we are baking Christmas cookies with Grammi before she leaves!

11 November 2017

The Light Streaming In

We are preparing to move around the corner very soon. But it isn’t because we are unhappy with our current home. We love it here and are so thankful for the almost two years we had here. There are a lot of things that I love about our flat, but one that I’m especially going to miss is the way the light streams in, further and further in winter and brightens up the whole place in the late afternoon.




06 November 2017

The View

Gonna miss seeing palm trees and pink sunsets out my front window.

Gettin' Rid of Things

Sorting and packing the boys' room with this fella (for a move around the corner). He says "Mom, I've gotten a lot better at getting rid of things!"... ... He's so right, and I've watched him grow in so many ways these past two years. He's an absolute joy.

02 November 2017

Mini Desk Worker

He likes to sit here and cut and rip paper into a million tiny pieces.

01 November 2017

31 October 2017

The Sun Shining on This Gift

Late afternoon sun shining on my new (used) couch. It's pale pink. ☺️

26 October 2017

Planning Party

A certain little brother is turning 2 very soon and so we had a planning meeting to organize ALL THE IDEAS his siblings have to celebrate him!

24 October 2017

Reading List

Reading (again) today with this boy. He brought me these books to me one right after another. He's got great taste!

23 October 2017

Woke Up on the Right Side of the Bed

Well good morning little fella. Aren't you a cute way to start the day?!

I’m Sorry, B Part II

We had the first installment of this unplanned series over a year ago.

Today I give you part II.

The first one goes way back. But it’s a good one. I quickly popped him in a security box at the airport while I opened the stroller or put my shoes on or some such thing. I promise it was safe and that he didn’t go through the scanner like that.

I am fairly certain the a first or second child never got treatment like this from his/her mother. This def seems like a fourth child thing, ha!


Anyway, he obviously wasn’t a fan. Sorry, B.


Buried by his siblings. Sorry, B!


A real live doll baby put in a doll stroller. Sorry, B!




Hair salon time. Sorry, B.


Buried again. Sorry, B!

But all this attention is a sign that YOU ARE LOVED!!! You really are so much fun to play with.

22 October 2017

Vocabulary Lesson from Lil’ A


This (hankie) is a “coughing blanket”.

And a quote to go along with that…

It’s my lucky day ‘cause I have a lot of snot.” –Lil’ A



These (apricots) are “apple-cots”.


A loves to eat boiled eggs. So she asks me “Is this a spilling egg?” to find out if it is boiled or not. So cute.


We did a cutting project one day with these  “maganees”.


Here is is holding her “password”.


This is what she called pomegranates (of which we have a lot these days)… “pomagrammans”. And so of course that’s what I call them too…

Lastly, another quote…

“Mommy, I’m hot!!! Can you put on a song?”

As if  a song is the cure to her temperature problem. Ha!

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